"It was a great way to serve my city and learn about volunteer opportunities while getting to know people who were in my area."

-Trevor H.

“It was a lot of fun to experience nature with a fun group. I found that I was able to challenge myself to try things within a Gathering that I wouldn’t have done on my own.”

-Simone B.

"I’m new to Atlanta and had been slow getting acclimated. My co-worker suggested Gatherings and now I have met some amazing people and have a social life. For the first time since I've been in Atlanta, I'm starting to feel content. I’m extremely thankful."

-Kristin R.

Great things happen when great people get together.

That's why we create quality experiences. We believe these events are a better way to meet people -- no swiping here!

Focused on the Atlanta area

Gathering people of the same age & interests

We vet every gathering & event, ensuring a fun and safe time.

Keep up with other events & happenings in and around Atlanta.

Join other single adults in Atlanta like you.


Helping you find friendly faces who are in a similar life stage. We group you together by interest for great experiences.


Talking about topics that are important to you - from faith and ethics to careers and dating, we think this is a place that could make a difference.


Special large events happening throughout the year to gather together single adults in Atlanta.

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What Else is Happening in Atlanta?

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Hi, we’re Canopy!

We’re reimagining how community is built for single adults in Atlanta.

We aren’t a dating service or just another random meet-up. We’re a community. A community that focuses on creating fun experiences while surrounding you with people who care about things like faith, ethics, and loving your neighbor. 

If that sounds like you, we’d love for you to join the Canopy community!